The Benefits
  The Repairable Surfaces

  Instructions for Patch-N-Go Repairs

  Thickness Comparison Chart
  The Benefits
  The Repairable Surfaces

  Instructions for Patch-N-Go Repairs

  Thickness Comparison Chart
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Kirch's Kwik Patch Kit
  Thank you for taking the time to check out our products. Here you will learn the benefits for using our product and how to apply the product to the surface/object you are repairing.
Varied of thickness available
Ultra Violet resistant
Abrasive resistive
No cure time
No messy liquid adhesive to dry up
Minimum surface prep
No shelf life
Excellent adhesive strength

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Instructions for Patch-N-Go Repairs

Surface Preparation

1. Patch should be applied at temperatures above 40 F.
2. It is critical that the surface has been cleaned of any surface contaminants such as dirt, water, or oil.
3. Remove surface contaminants with the Alcohol Swab that has been provided in the Patch-N-Go Kit. Allow     the alcohol to evaporate.
4. It is not necessary to roughen or use a primer before placing patch on the area in need.

Application Instructions

1. Be sure the patch extends at least 1" from all damaged areas.
2. Partially peel back the backing on the patch and apply the leading edge of the adhesive backed film to                    the cleaned surface.                      

3. Apply the patch slowly, removing the backing while smoothing the patch.
4. Minimize trapped air under the patch by working the patch from the center outward toward the edges.
5. Once the patch has been applied, vigorously rub the patch with the plastic squeegee to enhance the  
   bonding.  Never peel back the patch from the material to determine if it is adhering to surface of item         being repaired; this can destroy the bond.
6. The patch will display excellent initial bonding within minutes of application, and the item will be ready       for use. Further bonding will take place as the adhesive cures.

Repairable Materials

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Kirch's Kwik Patch
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